Our Team

Our Teachers

Head teacher Mr Pickering
Deputy Head and SENDCo Mrs Martin
Nursery Mrs Stevenson / Mrs Rhodes
Reception,  EYFS Lead Mrs Armstrong
Year 1 Mrs Wylam
Year 2, KS1 Lead Mrs Rowlands
Year 3 Mrs Houston
Year 4 Mr Jones
Year 5  Miss Swan
Year 6 and KS2 Lead Mrs Wellings/Mrs Probert
KS1 Support Teacher Miss Wallbank
KS2 Support Teacher Miss Annis

School Governors

Chair Mr K Salter
Vice Chair Mr B Lang
Parent Governors


Mr K Wood

Mrs V Lang

Mr B Lang

Mrs S Proctor


Staff Governor Mrs Armstrong
Teacher Governors Mrs Martin
Non-Teaching Governor  

Ms R Ahmed

Mr A Donoghue

Mrs A Sass

Local Authority

 Our Team

Learning Mentors Office 
Mrs S Plested
Mrs H Summers
Mrs J Quilliam
Mrs A Sass
Teaching Assistants Site Manager

Mrs P Reid
Mrs T Morris
Mrs A McHugh
Ms A Brady
Mrs C Green
Mrs J Jones
Miss R Hamlett
Mrs D Marsland
Ms L Jones
Mrs D Van Eker
Mrs H Martayn
Mrs G Rutter
Miss J Evans
Mrs D Wickham
Miss M Marsland
Miss C Bowckett

Mrs L Hammonds
Mrs A Karazniewicz


Mr J Quilliam

Mrs Y Cooper
Mrs L Jones
Mrs F Wright
Mrs V Clynch


Breakfast Club MDA's

Ms Jones
Miss Wallbank
Mrs Hammonds

Miss C Coates
Mr A Frankland
Miss C Bowckett
Mrs D Donoghue
Mrs E Thomas
Mrs K Wright
Mrs J Neteckyte
Mrs D Maxwell

  Out of school club
Mrs J Jones
Mrs Rutter
Mrs Hammonds

Cambridge Road Community Primary and Nursery School

Cambridge Road. Ellesmere Port,
Cheshire CH65 4AQ

Main Contact: Mrs J Quilliam/Mrs A Sass
Headteacher: Mr Darryl Pickering
SEND: Mrs I Martin

0151 355 1735

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