Breakfast Club Safety

Pupil safety is our number one priority at all times.

A concern has arisen surrounding a potential issue for our children who use breakfast club and make their own way to school. If a child leaves home at say 07:50 am and makes their way to breakfast club but, for whatever reason, doesn’t arrive, we as a school are not aware that they have set off for breakfast club. Indeed the first we might know they are not in school would be 08:55. You, as parent, would then get a phone call around 09:10 am, a full eighty minutes potentially since they left home.

Clearly this is neither a satisfactory or safe situation. To rectify this issue we have come up with the following solution:

If your child is going to breakfast club and making their own way there then you must send an email to  I will then automatically receive an e-mail and can thus notify the staff in breakfast club to expect your child. And of course we can be aware straight away if, for whatever reason, they don’t arrive.

Thank you for your support with this matter. As I stated at the start your child’s safety is our number one priority.

Yours sincerely

Mr D Pickering

Head Teacher

Cambridge Road Community Primary and Nursery School

Cambridge Road. Ellesmere Port,
Cheshire CH65 4AQ

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Headteacher: Mr Darryl Pickering
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Chair of Governors: Mr Ken Salter

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